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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Party Planning Itch

Before & between having my 3rd & 4th babes I organized a number of events for our church & it's been quite awhile so I've been really itching to do some organizing/party planning! I do tend to go overboard on all the kid's b-day parties every year but that just isn't the same! Just in time a girlfriend had a baby & viola! needed a Baby Shower, yeah! I'm sure you can agree that it's very sweet feeling to be able to use your God-given gifts to bless others.

DD#1 recently celebrated her 8th b-day with a Cupcake party (which I'll post about soon) & I was still excited about my new cupcake cake pan so that decided the Baby Shower theme. Mix that with more time than I'd like to admit on Pinterest & I had plenty of inspiration!

I went with colours picked by the babe's Momma: teal, pink, yellow with a side of orange & no muted colours pls! 

My BFF scrapper-extraordinaire made GORGEOUS name banners for each of my kids for Christmas (her etsy store link soon-to-be-inserted here!) so I was inspired to try my hand at banner making, plus I got to use my cricut for the 1st time so it was win-win!

The pic is deceiving - the cupcake is pretty big! For the base, after I iced all over, I dipped my icing spatual thingy into hot water & carefully smoothed inch by inch all the way around. ugg, I think it would be worth the time to just do fondant next time! I agonized over how to do the top & in the end I just thickly iced all over & then used the rounded end of the metal spatula & swirled all the way around up to the very top, simple but elegant (did the little cupcakes the same). After that I added all the beading & ribbon. The cake stand is just a plain white dinner plate, a tall glass upside down & a plain white salad plate all hot glued together. It worked fine but I'll eventually make it to the Sally-Anne for pretty plates & glasses & have my DH silicone them together!

I'm sure you've all seen the amazing (expensive) cupcake wrappers that are everywhere now. Well, I refuse to spend much $ on something that will be thrown out so quickly!! These are made from paper doilies! I found a good tut here. Mine turned out ok, not shaped to the cupcake as much as I'd like but good enough to give the desired effect!

We played 3 games - Shower Gift Bingo, the don't say "baby" clothes peg game & the poopy diaper game (identify the melted choclate bar!).

Mainly decorations were 3 doily banners which were easy-peasy to make & looked SO cute!! I found this banner online & added mine own creativity. Plus, the name banner, a few balloons, $ store plastic tablecloths (to cover bulletin boards) & sweet table centres (large white paper doilies, small $ store polka-dot gift bags with a puff of tissue paper, again easy-peasy!)

Whew! Well, now that DD#1 & DS#1's b-day parties (soon to be blogged) & this shower are all satisfyingly completed, I feel like my organizing/party planning itch has been sufficiently scratched to last me quite awhile! (at least till the rest of the family b-days in late Spring & Summer!)

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Rosie said...

I think the doily cupcake liners look great! I'm going to have to try that. Thanks for sharing!