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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Week 4 - Fridge & Freezer

A little late but none the less, here are my results from the Week 4 challenge. Because of my previous de-cluttering & organizing efforts I didn't have to do anything with our small chest freezer (plus its WAY too full of food right now). When DH has the PC fixed I'll post those pics, but basically I had taken everything out & then fitted 3 sturdy sm/med boxes into the freezer. 2 stay on the bottom & 1 rests on top of the bottom 2. I then divided all the meat into my new Chicken, Beef & Pork boxes. The rest of the food was organized into catagories - the pizzas stacked vertical on the bottom, all freezer suppers put into the hanging basket etc. (I didn't defrost the freezer then but need to do that reeeally soon). At the same time I had organized the up & downstairs freezers. So anyway back to Week 2, the fridge freezers got a quick once over & were done.

I use a thick plastic bin to hold all the sausages, hot dogs etc & the bottom drawers holds veggies on the right & fruit on the left. There is also a stack of freezer meals behind the yellow bucket that just don't fit in the chest freezer right now. The door holds all the juice cans & freezer mugs. The downstairs fridge freezer has all the bread & when there's room some freezer meals.

The fridge got a thorough cleaning & purging. I put some some condiments etc that are rarely used in the downstairs fridge. We go thru an amazing amount of yogurt, cheese strings etc & they are usually strewn ALL over the fridge! After putting boxes into my freezer I realized I could put bins into my fridge! Voila! There is room in the bins for about 1 week worth of each & the rest is kept in the downstairs fridge. I will also be labeling the door bins "jams/jellies", "sandwhich stuff"," dressings" to help the rest of my family keep all the various bottles & jars in approx the right place!

Well, that is it for Week 4 until the PC is up & running & then I'll insert the Before pics for you to gasp at!

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