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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Finishing the old year & Starting the New Year!

whew! Christmas & the "holiday season" is now over. As much as I LOVE Christmas & all the family & friends, finding the perfect gifts, focusing on Jesus's birth etc etc etc, I also love getting back to "normal". Although trying to focus on Jesus is part of my normal, the rest of it does a whole lot of de-railing my routine & I'm a routine person!! I love routines & schedules & knowing what my week looks like before it starts! Anyhoo, this holiday my BFF#1 arrived almost a week before the 25th, which was wicked awesome cause she & my DD did all my baking & some other prep on my list. Unfortunately tho, one by one we all got the 24hr flu. ewww!! No one felt like eating (or doing all the work) so we put off the Turkey Dinner until my Mom & StepDad arrived a few days later. We had a wonderful visit & Christmas Turkey Dinner & by then everyone was feeling fine....until they were struck by the flu in the middle of the night! ewww again! OTHER that that, Christmas was very nice.

Now, onto to finishing up the old prev post was from waaay back in Nov & had me uncluttering/organizing my entryway closet. hmmm, didn't go so well! See, I had recently re-vamped that closet & unless we invest in a major closet organizer system theres not a whole lot I can do! So there I was, stuck on my very 1st challenge! I did however change over from Summer to Winter, purged a few jackets & single mitts etc & added a "stuff to take away box" (I just covered a sm diaper box, added a label & ribbon handle). That along with a good cleaning finished my project. Unfortunately, I continued to be "stuck" cause in my mind I hadn't accomplished this big perfect overhaul....well BFF#1 encouraged me with "get over it! thats good enough, now move on!" or at least something to that effect. OK. So here are the pics:

So that is that. I've also realized that 1 project PER DAY is a little much for me (along with my family of 6, poor housekeeping habits, procrastination, 2 kids under 4yr home with me) right now...& thats OK. 2011 is over & so is trying to do everything perfect or not at all. 2012 is a new year & although I have a list a mile long I want to accomplish, I especially want to "try my best & then accept the results". More about 2012 & my mile-long-list tomorrow!

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