Dear Blog.....yep that's how I blog. There are sooo many awesome (& not so awesome) blogs out there & I'm not here to compete. This blog is for ME. Now, if you happen across it, I pray that you will be inspired, encouraged & enlightened! See, this is my creative way of holding myself I continue to learn & grow in God, raise 4 happy kids with my hubby & strive to bring some lasting organization to our chaotic house!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Week 2

I've been very excited to get going with the Week 2 Challenge - Kitchen Cabinet & Drawers but this week seemed to just get crazier by the day! It is late Friday night now & my plan is to get my junk drawer & a cupboard or two done tomorrow...we'll see how the day goes!! BUT I did take some before pics to share (yikes) AND I did get my spice drawer done, yeah, actually it's not just's GORGEOUS! But you'll have to wait to see it :) Ok, so I'll share my befores now cause that will motivate me to finish & get to share the afters!

As I said...YIKES! And without further ado...g'night! zzzzzzzz

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