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Monday, January 16, 2012


This was a very crazy but also very satisfying week. I finished 1 drawer early in the week & then nothing til towards & through-out the weekend, but wow did we (the whole family was a big help!) ever accomplish a LOT! I posted the before pics (click here) on Friday, excellent motivation btw, so now here's the after pics:

This, of course, is our "junk drawer" & it was probably the hardest to finish with all it's little bits & pieces! I had DS#1 take everything out & vacuum the drawer. Then we sorted it all in related piles, turfed the actual junk & viola! 

Next is the lazy susan baking cupboard. This was truly a frightful mess as we'd been simply chucking stuff in & quickly closing the drawer! While I was sorting & purging, my DH was repairing the lazy susan (she had become a little too lazy). I had heavy stuff that needed to go elsewhere plus lots of glass jars taking up way too much room, so I put the brown sugar & icing sugar into iceream buckets & into another cupboard, trading spots with the lighter cake decorating supplies. Then I put the baking powder, soda, salt, corn starch etc into stacking plastic containers I already had on hand & take much less space (they are just the ziploc type so I may buy some tupperware type to give a better seal).

This is the kid's craft/colouring drawer. When we built our kitchen I made sure to have enough drawers to have things like this handy in the kitchen. It really just needed a good clean & re-straightening with a touch of purging. The crayons, markers & colouring books get used the most so I stacked the colouring books at the front & used the 3 sections of the carry caddy for crayons, makers & pencil crayons. Perfect for little hands!

The spice drawer was the 1st drawer I tackled this week & I was beyond thrilled with the results (technically this should have been in next week's assignment, but I got too excited to wait!). The spices were originally in with the cooking utensils in the drawer pictured below. I switched things up & put the spices in a smaller drawer by themselves, put all the bagged spices into lrg baby food jars, used a shoebox to corral them, gave away some stuff I never use & chucked the yuckies!

Now that the cooking utensils had a drawer to themselves I had the perfect spot for my potholders etc. I made a utensil organizer by cutting the sides off cereal boxes & taping them together.

Hopefully this will inspire some kitchen purging, de-cluttering & organizing in other kitchen! :) And now onto Week 3 - Pantry, Spices & Food Storage

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