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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Let's Get This Party Started! Week 1

So at the end of December I was scouring the net for just the right housekeeping/decluttering/organizing challenge to do in 2012 & was coming up empty. Thank goodness BFF#1 found it for me on Pinterest -GOT to love Pinterest!!
It's the "52 Weeks To An Organized Home" on the blog (herein called "Solutions101 blog"). A list of the year's challenges are posted & when you sign-up, the new week's challenge is emailed to you each Monday morning, along with a link back to the blog to read thru suggested steps & tons of helpful tips & tricks. I'm blogging this almost a week later so although I'm showing you my Week 1 pics, I'm actually working on Week 2. Anyhoo, before I even announced to my family that we (yes, WE) are tackling this year long operation, my DH had DD#1 clear off all the kitchen counters, wipe down & put the junk away! Wow, how's that for being in sync?? Maybe he really can read my mind! So "Week 1 Kitchen Organization - Countertops & Sinks" was off to a great start. I'm happy that I'll be reaping the benefits of the de-clutter/organizing kick I was on during the last half of 2011. My counters had previously been slightly de-cluttered & I was able to de-clutter & purge even more "stuff". On the Solutions101 blog you're encouraged to re-evaluate how you use your kitchen & what you really need in it. Well, one corner of mine is our Command Central with the family calendar, kid's school files, phone & phone books, junk drawer etc etc. Unfortunately, I can never actually use that portion of the counter for kitchen duty cause it's covered in paper, pens, junk mail & who knows what else! Needless to say that corner took quite an effort to finish - but its now done. I've been very clear with my family (& myself!) that NOTHING may be left on the counters or island...its been 4 days & so far so good.

WOOT! WOOT! YEAH! I'm so excited to see these pics posted. I will be able to look back at the end of the year & say "Yes! This is what living in His strength looks like."

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Shilo said...

looks fantastic...and four days of it too!!! Awesome!!! "just keep swimming.....swimming, swimming, swimming!" - Finding Nemo
I believe in you:)